Property Page - Description tab

In this tab you can enter or change your property description, neighborhood description, and property summary.

At the top left corner, there is a language selector based on the languages chosen in the account settings. When selecting the language, the descriptions in the selected language will show. 

Property Description

To modify the Property Description click on "Edit" and it will open a pop-up. You can switch languages within the pop-up. Enter the full description or make the desired changes in all the available languages. The minimum number of characters is 400, at the bottom you can see the characters count.

Bold format and italics are possible but will only be shared for websites. as enriched text is not accepted or might lead to deleted characters (and therefore the wrong text in the descriptions) by most of the OTAs when syncing.

Hyperlinks can be entered but we will sanitize them when syncing with OTAs, as some might not accept hyperlinks.

Neighborhood Description

Enter the neighborhood's description in all the available languages. 

Maximum 1200 characters. 


Enter a short description or summary of the main property highlights in all the available languages. This summary is the most likely to be read by potential guests looking into different properties to rent from, so we recommend making it very concise and attractive. 

Maximum 500 characters.

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