All Properties page


The "All Properties" page contains the list of the properties created in your Kigo account, gives you access to review or edit them, and also to create new properties.


In order to better navigate through the pages some filters are available on the top:

  • Property name: text field where you can either type the property name (internal name), or select from the dropdown.
  • City: dropdown with the cities where your properties are located.

When the filters have been entered, the "Search" button needs to be selected for the filters to apply. 

When the filter is applied, if you need to go back to the full list of properties, the "Clear filters" button needs to be clicked.

  • Property status: this selector allows you to filter your properties by status. By default, only "Active" and "Onboarding" are selected.

Properties List

The properties list provide an overview of the properties with the most relevant information: 

  • ID: Kigo's property ID

  • Property name: property's internal name. By clicking on it, you can access the property setup page

  • Property status

    the properties can have one of the following statuses:

      • Active: the property is ready to be shared with the channels. Only active properties can be shared with channels.

      • Inactive: the property is not active, you can move it to Active as long as you have the minimum necessary info set. You can also modify their status to Onboarding if you are planning to complete the information and share the property with the channels.

      • Onboarding: the content of the property is not completed and the property is not ready to be active for rent and to be shared.

  • Location: the property's address

  • Channel status: status of each of the channels the property is shared with. The statuses can be:

      • Not shared: if the channel connection hasn't been selected for the property.

      • Shared: if the channel connection has been selected for that specific channel.


This page is paginated to show a certain number of results/properties (named "entries"). By default, it shows 10 entries and can be changed to 20, 30 and 40.

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