Property page - General Info tab

The "General Info" tab provides the main property information and it's divided into 4 sections. Click on "Edit" next to each section title to add or modify information.

Property Details

Public Name

  • Select the language on the top and type de property name in the selected language.
  • Add the property name in all desired languages.

Internal name

  • Type the internal name for the property. This field is mandatory.


  • Select the property category from the dropdown list. By default, the selected option for Buildium imported properties will be unknown
  • The list contains the following options: Apartment, Barn, Bungalow, Cabin, Castle, Chalet, Condo, CondoHotel, Cottage, Estate, Farmhouse, Hotel Room, House Boat, Lodge, Other, Single Family, Studio, Timeshare, Town home

Property size

  • Add the size (in numbers)
  • Select the unit (Sq Feet or Sq Meters)

Year Built

  • Type the year the property was built. This is important when syndicating to channels such as via Content API. 


  • Property's floor. For example, for an apartment on a 5th floor of a building of 10 floors, a "5" would be entered in this section. Only numbers are accepted. Letters are not.



  • Type the property address. This is synced to Google Maps. Tip: once Google Maps populates the right address, select it.


  • This field is auto-populated if the Google Maps address in the Location field has been selected. 
  • Select the country from the dropdown

Address 1, City, State, Postal Code, Region

  • These fields are auto-populated if the Google Maps address in the Location field has been selected. 
  • You can edit the address fields if needed. The edits will change the address in the Location field. 
    • Attention: there is no check by Kigo when edits are made. Please be very careful as to make the right changes, so the final address is correct.

Latitude, Longitude

  • This field is auto-populated if the Google Maps address in the Location field has been selected.
  • You can edit them.
    • Attention: if changed, it will not change the address. Also, Kigo will not validate that the field is correct.

Rooms and Spaces

Add the occupancy and renter age

  • Minimum renter age (mandatory): add the minimum renter age of the person who performs the rental
  • Max Occupancy (mandatory): select the maximum number of guests (no distinctions between adults, children or baby currently) that the property can accommodate

Add the number of Bathrooms (mandatory)

  • Bathrooms: Select the number of bathrooms. Both toilets and bathrooms count as one.
  • Half-bathrooms: Select the number of toilets (or half-bathrooms).

Add the number of Bedrooms

  • Click on +Add Bedroomsas many times as bedrooms the property has 
    • Only one Other sleeping area can be added
    • As many bedrooms as needed can be added.
      • Attention: If the property type is Studio, maximum 1 bedroom (and 1 other sleeping area) can be added.
  • Click on Delete bedroom if the bedroom is not needed
  • For each of the bedrooms added:
    • + Add another bed type with as many bed types as the room has
    • Select number of beds for each bed type
    • Select the bed type from the list: king, queen, double, single, twin, sofa bed (single), sofa bed (double), bunk bed (twin), child bed, crib, futon, other bed. 

The number of bedrooms and beds are shared with channels such as Vrbo, Airbnb or (only for Content API). 

Is the kitchen included?

  • Select Yes or No

Property Status

Status in KIGO

Shows the property status in Kigo: Onboarding, Inactive for Rent or Active for Rent. 

When selecting Edit, the status can be changed. The legend of the statuses also appears. There are certain conditions that the property needs to accomplish to change the status to "Active" (that are based on the requests from the channels, so we make sure properties are ready in terms of content):

  • Property public name has a minimum of 20 characters in all languages
  • Property Category defined
  • Size value and size unit defined
  • Maximum occupancy defined
  • Number of bedrooms defined
  • Number of bathrooms defined
  • Property description has minimum 400 characters in all languages
  • Address entered
  • Minimum 5 amenities selected
  • Minimum of 6 photos
  • Check-in policies entered (check-in ending time and/or, check-out starting time can be empty)
  • House rules defined


It shows if the property is shared or not with the channels

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