Kigo Channel Manager overview

Learn how the Kigo Channel Manager works and its advantages

How does Kigo Channel Manager work? 

Kigo Channel Manager (KCM) was launched back in 2018 with an updated strategy in mind: allow Property Managers to tailor the property pricing and availability settings to the different OTAs, in order to maximize the revenue in each of them. 

Kigo Channel Manager allows you to:

  • Distribute your property data to Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), sync your calendar, rates and availability with major OTAs. Important: we give you the option to sync all your listing's information with OTAs, for some OTAs you may limit the information synced. 
  • Keep calendars updated and synchronized in the synced OTAs.
  • Keep rental rates competitive across portals.
  • Consolidate all bookings into one platform and allow you to manage them effectively.
  • Maximize exposure and success on meaningful channels.

Additionally, KCM also allows you to: 

  • Add flexible pricing rules
  • Define specific pricing and availability rules per OTA
  • Fill the calendar gaps by automatically relaxing length-of-stay limits and adjust pricing to optimize occupancy
  • Take benefit of the most meaningful sync updates available for each OTA.

How Kigo Channel Manager works


Kigo Channel Manager has a series of Collections, that are the key pieces for allowing different settings for each listing shared with each channel. A Collection hosts the listings and their attached configurations to be shared with one or a group of channels (if it's one or more it is defined by Kigo). Right now, you can take advantage of the following Collections to tailor the configurations to the channels within them:

  • Vrbo
  • Airbnb
  • Expedia 
  • Vacation Rental: Website, Standard partners (HomeToGo, TravelStaytion), metasearch sites (Google, Find Rentals)


Within each of the Collections, we will re-create as many properties as you need, and name them listing (the property with the associated configurations that will be shared with each channel or group of channels that the collections syncs to). The configurations that can be tailored are the following:

  • Stay Rules: maximum stay, booking window, the minimum time between reservations (key to adapt to Covid times), length of stay pricing, minimum stays and closed to arrival/departure days. It includes a gap management functionality that can help maximize calendar occupancy.
  • Contract settings: payment plan and cancellation policies, contract verbiage for Kigo's GuestXP, House Rules
  • Fees and Taxes: in some cases, the channels collect the taxes themselves. Fees for instance can be set as included or not included in the price by other channels. This configuration allows you to send the precise values to each channel so that your statements match.
  • Blocked-out nights: you can close availability for that channel/s for set dates, should you need to. 

Channel-related configurations

Additionally, you can set different price adjustments for each collection and for each of the channels included in the same collection, to increase a percentage of the base rate for that channel, for example.

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