Channels Overview page

Page description

The Channels Overview page displays the existing channels with the main information related to them. 

It's divided into 3 sections: 

  • My Channels - Enabled: shows the channels connected
  • My Channels - Disabled: shows the channels requested but not connected yet
  • Other Channels: shows other available channels not requested yet


The "Overview" table

Displayed information:

  • Type: the Channel name 
  • Link Name: the links (technical channel connections) associated with each Channel. Also below, the ID for each of the connections. 
  • Price Adjustment: the adjustment made for each channel on the rates sent to it. 
  • Listing Collection Name: all the existing Listing Collections.
  • # of Bookings: number of Bookings generated by the channel 
  • Value: the rent amount generated by the channel 
  • Avg. LOS: the average length of stay of the reservations generated by the channel
  • Enable/Disable column:
    • Disable: will set the channel as "not connected".  
    • Enable: the final step of the channel connection. 
  • Last column Edit:  where the channel link name and the price adjustment can be changed

Page functionalities

From this page you can:

  • Start the process to connect to a Channel
  • Set or Edit the Price Adjustment
  • Access each Listing's Collection page
  • Find your Vrbo Advertiser ID
  • Choose your Vrbo connection mode
  • Disconnect a Channel

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