How to register a payment

If a payment is received outside Kigo, you will need to manually register it in the reservation in Kigo
These are the steps to do so:

  1. If a scheduled/due payment is created for that amount and payment, delete the payment
    1. Click on "Cancel" for the payment line
    2. Select "Yes" in the pop-up
    3. The payment is cancelled:
      1. The system informs with a message on top of the page. 
      2. The payment line will disappear

  2. Payments section > Add Payment
    1. In the "Add Payment" pop-up:
      1. Select Installment or Deposit
      2. type amount
      3. Select payment method: Cash, Check, Money Order, Other (use "Other" for PayPal Standard)
      4. Add date when payment was received in the "Successfully received on" box
      5. Save
    2. The payment is successfully registered and calculated in the "Total Payments"

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