Vrbo Custom Cancellation Policies


The Vrbo Custom Cancellation policies are now available for connections through our Kigo Channel Manager and they allow you to set a cancellation policy tailored to your business instead of a pre-defined policy structure.

How does it work

The Vrbo Cancellation Policy is now based on the settings of the Kigo Payment Plan applied to each property. 

  1.  CANCELLATION POLICY: determines if the policy is refundable or non-refundable.
    - Refundable: set a full refund until 1 day before the Check-In, independently of the advance payment or remainder due.
    - Non-Refundable: set the advance payment ("Collect at time of booking") as non-refundable until the remainder is due.

  2.  COLLECT AT TIME OF BOOKING: defines the amount that you will keep in case of a cancellation before the remainder due date.

  3.  REMAINDER DUE PRIOR TO CHECK-IN: defines the day up until which the advance payment will be lost. When it is set to 0 days, it will be shown in Vrbo as 1 day prior to arrival.


If the Kigo payment plan is set as Non-Refundable with 100% collect at time of booking & Remainder due prior to check-in is 1 or more days, the Vrbo Cancellation policy will be set as fully refundable until the Remainder due date.

See below how the Cancellation Policy is shown in Vrbo following the above example of a Kigo Non-Refundable payment plan with a 30% collect at time of booking & Remainder due prior to check-in 14 days:

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