All Reservations page


The All Reservations page shows all the reservations that you have received or created in your Kigo account. This page is used to quickly and easily help you identify and sort through key information to find the booking/s you are looking for.

How to Navigate

From the Main Menu, select "Reservations" and click on All Reservations as shown in the above screenshot.


This page has several filters available, which are displayed by default. If you wish to hide the filters, you can click on the "Hide Filters" button at the top right side of the page. You can filter the reservations by:

  • Territory: dropdown list with the territories that have been created in your Kigo account.
  • Date By: you can choose between:
    • Booked On: when the reservations are made.
    • Check In: when the reservations are checking in.
    • Check Out: when the reservations are checking out.
    • In Unit: when the guests are staying in the property.
  • Start Date & End Date
  • Search By: you can use this filter to look for a specific reservation/s by typing the Reservation Number, or Guest Name, or Unit Name or Channel Reservation ID.
  • Payment Status: By Default "Any" is selected, you can change it to
    • Unpaid
    • Partially Paid
    • Fully Paid
    • Payment N/A
  • Channels: By Default "Any" is selected, you can select one or more channels from the list. The list only contains the channels you are connected to.
  • More Filters: you can filter by the contract status


The information is displayed in a table format, each reservation has a row and the columns contain:

  • Reservation Nº
  • Booked On
  • Guest Name
  • Check In
  • Check Out
  • Reservation Status
  • Payment Status
  • Unit Name
  • Contract
  • Booking Source

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