Rates and Availability page

The Rates and Availability page shows the calendar and main rates for all your properties.

Here you can:

  1. Manage rates (edit, add, update..)
  2. Manage availability

Therefore, the calendar is actionable, meaning that:

  • The availability can be modified from the calendar
  • The rates can be set up or modified within the calendar



The following can be used to filter/select what information to display on the calendar. You need to click on Show Filters in order to see them:

  • Territory: select the territory the units are assigned to in Pro
  • City: select the city the property is in (this field comes from the property address)
  • Property name: type the property internal name or select it form the dropdown that appears when clicking on the textbox.
  • Sleeps: select the number of maximum occupants/sleeps of the property 
  • Bedrooms: select the number of bedrooms for the property

Once one or more filters have been selected, click on Search for the parameters to apply. If you don't longer need filters to apply, click on Clear filters to see all the properties. 

R&A view

On the top right side of the page there are 2 buttons:

  • Customize view: where the R&A view can be customized, the PM can choose to see if selected or not see if unselected. The number next to the "Customize view" text indicates how many view options have been selected. 
    • Base rate: with the property's base price for each day
    • Inventory: number of units available for each property
    • Stay rules by channel: by selecting a channel, the main rules for the channel will display and can be selected to show in the calendar view: 
      • Block-outs
      • Min and max length of stay
      • Closed to Arrival or departure
      • Min and max booking window
      • LOS rate 
        • A new LOS dropdown selection displays showing the number of nights (from 1 night to 30 nights), any of them can be selected and the calendar will display the rate for the set LOS for the minimum guests count for each listing. 
  • How it works? that provides basic information to understand the R&A and the Availability legend: 
    • Open properties: a reservation can be made (as there are available units to book)
    • Closed properties: a reservation can't be made as the availability has been closed for this property
    • Fully Booked: the property has been booked (if the property has multi-units set, all the units have been booked)


The first row defines the dates.

  • On the left side (first row cell), there is a date that indicates the first day that the calendar will show information for. By clicking on the date or the calendar symbol, a calendar will be displayed. The PM can choose there the first day for the calendar view.
  • The bolded days represent the weekends. 
  • By default, 20 nights' are displayed/viewed

Each property is displayed as a set of rows:

  • The first one, grey, shows the Property name and has a Bulk edit command: 
    • Bulk edit allows to make bulk changes to one or more properties, by selecting: 
      • Base price: add the value or leave blank for no change in the base price. The price range needs to be within a 10-100000 range (as required by OTAs). 
        • The tab key can be used to move from day 1 to day 2, day 3, ecc.
      • Availability: select the status or not for no change in the property status
      • Apply to Date Ranges 
        • Start/End date to select the date range
        • Days of the week checkboxes to select for example weekends and set a different base rate for them
        • + Add date range to add a new date range. For example, a new date range for a different time of the year with the same nightly rates. If a different nightly rate needs to be set, a new Bulk edit window needs to be opened. 
      • Select properties to apply the update to. It can be either "Select All", only one property selected or more than one (in this case, each needs to be manually selected).
  • The next ones show the detailed information for the property: 
    • Channel/s the info is displayed for (this selection will depend on the options selected under "Customize view"):  
      • Global means general info for the property, that will apply to all channels
      • A channel name defines the specific channel's info
    • Availability (see legend in the R&A view section above if needed) if selected. The following actions can be taken: 
      • If available → Close availability by clicking on a day's cell + Save
      • If not available → Open availability by clicking on a day's cell + Save 
    • Base rate: the nightly rate for the property if selected. The following actions can be taken: 
      • Enter rate if empty: click on the cell and enter the nightly rate + Save
      • Edit rate: click on the cell and enter new nightly rate + Save
    • Inventory:  if selected
    • Channel for which the following information is displayed if selected
      • Rate for the selected LOS, determined by the Stay Rule configuration
      • Block-outs, determined by the Blocked out nights configuration
      • Min length of stay, determined by the Stay Rule configuration
      • Max length of Stay, determined by the Stay Rule configuration
      • Closed to Arrival, determined by the Stay Rule configuration
      • Closed to Departure, determined by the Stay Rule configuration
      • Min Booking window, determined by the Stay Rule configuration
      • Max Booking window, determined by the Stay Rule configuration


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