Properties page - Units tab

This new tab will allow you to define all the units a property may have. 

A common scenario is 1 property with 1 unit. However, a property can have more than one unit if it contains identical or very similar individual locations (apartment, condo, house) in the same address. For example, a set of five 2-bedroom condos equally furnished in the same building: in this scenario, the property would be 2-bedroom condos and it would contain 5 units.



Setting up multiple units within a property will have an impact on how properties are displayed in channels and how reservations are created and imported to Kigo. 

Please review the most convenient set up for your business model with our Implementation team before setting it up.

 How does the Units tab work

In this tab you can set up the following:

  • add new units (as many as the property has)

  • define the unit name that will be displayed in Kigo for each of the units so you can easily identify it (in the sections where you find units like the calendar, Rates & Availability or unit settings pages you will see "Property name - Unit name")

  • define the owner of each unit. NEW! from now on, owners will be assigned in this page

  • define the license number for each of the units 

  • the unit status (active or inactive). At least one unit needs to be active within a property.

Unit requirements

In order to save this page and to sync with channels, you will need:

  • At least one (1) active unit (you might have up to 400 active units)
  • The unit name
  • An owner account selected

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