A specific “job” to be done at a unit. There are two types of Work that can be created:

  • One-off work: an exceptional job that your crew needs to perform in a unit, such as a light bulb change. 
  • Recurring Work: a job that needs to be done every type a certain task type is performed. For example, you can use this function to create a list of expectations for a cleaning task, for example, so the cleaning employee knows what he or she is supposed to accomplish. 

Both types of work items will be an “Available work” that can be attached to a task by Operations Managers, so they can be assigned to a team member: The crew member entering the unit will see the additional work that needs to be done and will need to confirm that the additional work was accomplished before they complete the Task. 

Learn more on how to create work items. 


Within the system, you can find all works created in Operations > Work. Within this page, the Ops Manager will be able to see the work items classified by:

  • Unresolved Issues are any issues that the guest and crew have reported to management. 
  • Accepted Work Items are any work that needs to be done but has yet to be scheduled. 
  • Assigned Work Items have been assigned to one of your crew members for a specific time and date to be completed.

In order to navigate the page:

  • Filter by territory, unit or user to narrow down the results displayed
  • Click on each description (“Unresolved issues”, “Accepted work items”, “Assigned work items”, “Recurring rules”, “Recently finalized” or “Ignored issues”) to find a list of the works included in each of these categories
  • Select the date range on the top right side to modify the date ranges to visualize
  • Click on “Recurring work rules” to find the list of recurring rules created or to create new recurring work rules
    1. Within the recurring Rules page you will find a list of recurring rules with their main descriptors in columns. By clicking on a rule, you can access it to view or edit it. 

You will be able to select rules and disable them from this main page if needed

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