An "Issue" is a note or report related to a unit that is typically reported via the Field App by an operations crew member. 

For example, if one of the cleaning staff discovers that a lamp was broken while they are cleaning one of the bedrooms at a unit, they would Report an Issue (using the field app). But in reality, issues can be anything reported by a crew member from simple Issues like: "guest left a note stating they didn't like the color of towels" to more complex Issues such as: cleaner reports "air filter appears dirty".  

Issues may or may not require action. An Operations Manager can then make the decision whether or not to convert that issue to a work item so it can be addressed. If it is time-critical, an Ops Manager may accept it as work and immediately attach it to a task to be fixed. 

All on-call managers receive a notification for high-priority issues. 

Issues that require actions to be taken should be escalated into a Work Item for follow-up and resolution. Management can then prioritize Issues and to determine what Issues should be actioned for future work or to simply take note of guest input.



When a crew member completes a task and adds notes to the completion form, this creates an Issue on the Work page. Crew members can add one or more Issues within the Field App (located below the Complete button) or within the Operations Module on the Task screen.

Guest Incidents arise out of a crew member reporting an Issue however each serves different purposes.

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