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The Vacation Rental collection has now the possibility to select a Booking Mode that will be applied to the Kigo website/s. There are two available booking modes:

  • Instant booking
  • Request to book

The table below summarizes the differences between both modes:

Booking Mode Guest is prompted to pay online The booking is created in status The booking expires/is discarded Blocks dates in the calendar Email template triggered to the guest
Instant booking
  • If payment works: Accepted & paid 
  • If payment doesn't work: Accepted & unpaid
Request to book
Held booking

Setting up the booking mode

In order to set up the booking mode:

  1. Acces the Vacation rental collection
  2. Select the listings you wish to apply a booking mode to (or all if the booking mode wil be the same for all the listings)
  3. Click on the "+" next to the Booking mode column title
  4. Select the booking mode
    1. If Instant booking > Set selected
    2. If Request to book > set expiration time > Set selected
  5. The selected booking mode will be set for the website listings

When should I use each of the booking modes?

The instant booking mode is the recommended mode, as it will automatically charge the guest or collect the card details to tokenize it (if no payment is defined at the applicable payment plan). This mode facilitates the conversion of guests visits into bookings and optimizes the time you need to dedicate to convert bookings. 

However, some companies might prefer to validate the guests or to offer a different payment method to credit cards (or don't have an integrated payment gateway in Kigo). In this case, the Request to book functionality should be used. Please be aware that this slower process for guests to book might negatively impact your bookings conversions. 



Please note: you might work with Instant booking on your site and manually create reservations in held status when a guest contacts you in some exceptional occasions such as:

  • If you know your guests, as they repeateadly stay with you year over year, you might manually create held dates for them when they ask you for availability and give them some time to make the payment. 
  • If you don't know the guests and they reach out directly by phone or mail, and the booking request is way ahead in time, you might manually create a request to book and give them some time to pay. 

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