How to Convert a Lead into a Reservation

To convert a Lead into a Reservation, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to KigoPro > Reservations
  2. Go to Leads 
  3. Locate Lead Name > Click Edit(Pencil Icon)
  4. Click Create Reservation
  5. Fill out accordingly > Click Get Quote
    • Note: The system will then check if all the restrictions are respected. (for example, minimum stays, property capacity, rates, availability) 
    • If you wish to continue even with the restrictions, you can check the "Override the restrictions and get a quote" to proceed.
  6. Click Create Reservation


The Reservation will be created with the status "Held", as it won't have any successful payments - the Held reservation blocks the dates in the calendar. In order to collect a successful payment, you can either send a payment reminder or register a payment manually.


The Lead status will automatically change to "Converted", after the creation of the Reservation.

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