Google Vacation Rental connection process

Kigo has added Google Vacation to its growing list of channel partners, giving you the muscle to post listings on the popular platform without having to go direct.

Just like hotels, vacation rentals appear in the Google Search, travelers can find their dream vacation rental with specific occupancy and amenity filters, listings are populated with photos, descriptions, and pricing, and a direct link to your Kigo website to complete the booking.

Distributing your properties to Google is very easy! You just need to:

  1. Review your Vacation Rental collection in Kigo
  2. Add “Google” channel link/check box to your properties under the Channels column.
    IMPORTANT: only the properties that are shared with your Kigo website can be shared with Google.
    Note: If you already have a connection with either HomeToGo, Travelstaytion, and your website please make sure to leave all of them selected in order to keep the connection.
  3. Provide your Kigo Implementation Consultant with the Favicon you wish to use in Google. Favicon requirements:
  • Resolution of at least 72x72 pixels
  • Square dimensions only
  • No more than three text characters per icon
  • PNG format
  • Transparent or on a non-white background
  • No alcohol, violence, or sexual content
  • Must match the favicon or artwork on the advertiser’s final URL

When you are ready to proceed with the connection, let your Kigo Implementation Consultant know and we will start the connection process.

Please note that it could take some weeks to be live on Google depending on their availability.

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