Services Page


This new page displays all the services and partners Kigo offers/connects to, and provides you with a seamless experience when connecting to those services.

You will be able to see, manage, connect and disconnect the services from this single page. It's a single point of access to the marketplace of vendors Kigo offers and the services they have connected to their accounts, as well as a connection flow as easy as possible

How to Navigate

Click on the “gear icon” >  Services

The Services Page contains 2 tabs:

How it works

  1. My Services” tab: shows the services connected to the account.
    when no service has been added to the account, if you click on “Add Service”, you will be redirected to the “Marketplace” tab. 
    • In case there’s some information or configuration to be displayed for the service (as it is the case with Rental Guardian), information will be accessible by clicking on the “setup” option that can be seen on the card of the connected service (if there’s nothing to display, Setup link won’t be present). For Rental Guardian, when clicking on Setup, you get to the page where you can see all the coverages we retrieved from their side when the service was connected.
  2. Marketplace” tab: shows all the services available you can connect to. 

When clicking on “Connect”, a pop-up with the connection instructions will appear.



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