Guest Messaging in the Kigo Inbox

Kigo has integrated the messaging API and from now on you can message your guests from our Unified Inbox.

What is the Messaging API?

It's a connection that allows importing in Kigo the messages that you receive from guests in your account. It also allows you to respond from Kigo and the response will be sent to, so the guests will receive it in their account or App.

Which kind of messages does the messaging API cover?

Any guest message sent from their account can be seen in Kigo. This includes only Post-booking messages since doesn't have the possibility for guests to contact the host before booking.

You are also able to start the conversation with the guest.

How does it work?

All messages will be available in the Inbox section and the last sent or received is also shown in the reservation itself.

How can you start the conversation with the guest?

  1. Within the reservation > "Guest communication" section
  2. Click on "View in Inbox"
  3. Type the message and click on "Send"

Once Sent, the conversation will appear in the Inbox Section

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