How to create a new booking

There are 2 ways to manually create a new booking:

  • From the "Create" button of the header 
  • From the Calendar page

How to create a booking with the "Create" button

To manually create a booking click on the button "Create" located in the header of the Kigo platform, then click on "Reservation" as shown in the image below:

It opens the "Create Reservation" page with 3 steps:

  1. Generate Quote
  2. Create Reservation for an existing user or for a new one
  3. Billing Details  

Generate Quote

Please enter the mandatory information marked with a red asterisk and click on Generate Quote, which will be shown on the right.

Note: if you have more than one website in Kigo, please select the one that has the rates and configurations you wish to apply to the booking you are creating.

If the dates or the number of guests selected do not respect the listing configurations (such as the minimum stay, maximum capacity etc), the restriction will be shown in red and you have the possibility to override it by clicking on the checkbox "Override the restrictions and get quote":

Create Reservation for an existing user or for a new one

If you are creating a reservation for someone that has never booked with you before, leave the option "Create Reservation for a New User" and enter at least Name, Email & Language (marked with a red asterisk):


If you are creating a reservation for a guest that already booked with you before, select "Search for a User" and type the name where indicated below:

then select the correct user and continue to the third step.

Billing Details

You have 3 options:

  1. Create Reservation without Credit Card: Once you click on "Create" below, the reservation will be created with the status Held and without any registered payment. Once you register the payment manually, the status will change to Accepted. Once the booking has been created, you can also send the Payment Request message manually.
  2. Send Payment Request: when selecting this option, you will be able to choose from a dropdown which payment request message you wish to send (if you have more than one created within your custom messages). Once you click on Create below, the booking will be created and the Payment Request message sent automatically. The booking will have the status Held until the guest completes the payment. This option is particularly useful for European clients due to the PSD2 regulations.
  3. Add Credit Card: please enter the guest's credit card details and Billing Address. Once you click on the below button "Create" the system will create the booking and try to charge the due amount with the payment gateway integrated in Kigo and assigned to the configuration this listing is using.

To create a new booking from the Calendar Page, select the stay dates in the calendar of the desired listing and then click on New Booking as shown in the image below:

In the Pop-up, select the number of guests (Adults & Children), the Payment Plan and click on "Generate Quote".

You can preview the quote and then click on "Proceed to Booking" to enter the guest details and create the reservation

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