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Location: Setup – Solution – Solution Setup

Required Setup: In order to view this page, you must be assigned the role of General Manager, or a custom role that includes the Solution permission.

Scope: This feature is available for all versions of Kigo.

About the Solution Setup Page

From here, you can configure specific information about your company in Kigo. The Solution Setup page allows you to set up your company name, primary contacts, logo, and offices.


Field Definitions

Solution Tab

At the Solution tab, you can view and change general information about your company.

  • Name: This is the name of your company, as it will appear in Kigo and on the Kigo web sites. This field is required.
  • Informal Name: You can optionally include a shorter or more informal name for your company here. This is used in the header bar of Kigo.
  • Notifications: This is the e-mail address where all lead requests, booking requests, and property inquiries are sent. This information is also stored in the appropriate locations in Kigo. This field is required.
  • Tagline: This is the tagline (or slogan) that summarizes your product.
  • Summary: This is a short description of your company.
  • Contacts: These are key contacts at your company. This information may be used by Kigo to assist in solving issues. You can select any Kigo user for each. After you select each contact, select the associated Edit link to confirm additional information about the contact.
    • Primary: This is the primary person that Kigo should contact for issues.
    • Technical: This is the person that Kigo should contact in the case of technical difficulties.
    • Billing: This is the person that Kigo should contact in the case of billing issues.

Logo Tab

At the Logo tab, you can view the current logo, or use the Upload an Image link to upload a copy of your logo from a location on your hard disk or from the Internet. The maximum size for your logo is 200 x 200 pixels.

Uploading Logo Images from a Hard Disk

  1. Click the Logo tab.
  2. Click the Upload an image button. The Upload files box displays.
  3. Click the Upload from local file tab.
  4. Click the Browse button. The File Upload box displays.
  5. Select the image and click Open.
  6. Select the Auto Crop and/or Convert to JPEG options, if necessary.
  7. Click the Upload button.

Uploading Logo Images from the Internet

  1. Click the Upload button.
  2. Click the Logo tab.
  3. Click the Upload an image button. The Upload files box displays.
  4. Click the Upload from web tab.
  5. Enter the url for the image in the Enter url field.
  6. Click the Upload button.

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