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Data Import Process

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The import process is a very important part of the onboarding process. The data import can save you hours of manual data entry into the system. Think of your Data as a piece of a jigsaw puzzle and our system format as another fitting jigsaw puzzle. The idea is to merge the two.

What Type of Data can be Imported?

Property Data

  • General Information
  • Attributes (amenities,rates)
  • Text Data (summaries, descriptions)
  • Media (images in the form of URLs)

Booking Data

  • Reservations with renter and statements information
  • Guest Data

How is the Data Imported?

Property Data

Please Note: Kigo can only import your data if you have subscribed to Plan 3 or above.

  • Kigo can scrape your property data if you currently have an account with VRBO, HomeAway, Airbnb and/or All that is required from you are the URL of the website the data is located. This process typically takes about 2-3 days from the moment the URL links are provided to your success manager.
  • If your data does not come from any of the services listed above, do not worry, it is still possible to get your data, however, the import timeline will be 7 days. In this case, a URL of the website where your properties are being showcased must be provided to Kigo for scraping purposes.
  • Once your property data is received, it will be imported into your solution and reviewed with your Success Manager for accuracy.
  • One property data scrape is included within the onboarding process. You are responsible for updating data regarding your properties as well as adding new properties moving forward.

Booking Data

  • Before importing your booking data into the Kigo system you will need to FIRST:
  1. Set Up Your Rates
  2. Set Up Your Fees
  3. Set Up Your Taxes​
  • Define these amounts in your KigoApp and make sure that the amounts and Fee types match both in your KigoApp and your Booking Data template.
  • If your current rates, fees, and tax amounts have changed from the booking history, we can adjust them to reflect your current amounts AFTER your booking information is properly imported.
  • Use the booking data templates attached and adjust your information from your current system to fit the Kigo system format.
  • The data will not import if you change the column header titles or the file format (txt).
  • Click on the following link if you are unsure of any file Header definitions: Import File Header Definitions
  • If you do not have any data for a specific header, simply leave the column blank but do not delete the column header
  • Once your templates are complete please send to your Success Manager for import. (Please provide 1 business day for turnaround)
  • Your Success Manager will be in touch with you for review once data is imported.
  • Failure to comply to the different specifications and formats listed above will result in your data being sent back for revision

Please contact your Success Manager if you need any additional information regarding data imports



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