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Location: App – Bookings – Calendar

Required Setup: To view this page, you must have one of the following roles: Booking Agent, Booking Manager, Bookkeeper, Front Desk, General Manager, or a custom role that includes the permissions for any of these roles.

Scope: This feature is available in all versions of Kigo.

About the Calendar Page

The calendar provides a quick visual way to view the availability for properties. Using the Legend drop-down list, you can visualize a variety of important information including:

  • Which properties are available during a specific date range?
  • Which guests are currently checked in?
  • Which bookings need to be confirmed?
  • Which bookings require payment?
  • Which agents are making bookings?

In addition, you can quickly create bookings from this page.

 Calendar Page

Field Definitions

When viewing the calendar, today's date is highlighted in pink. Each property that meets the selected search criteria appears, as well as any units associated with the properties. You can click the name of any property to view the property detail information published on your Kigo web sites.

If you make any changes to the calendar search criteria, click Run to update the calendar. This updates the view based on your selections.

  • Start: This is the first date to appear on the calendar. This field is required.
  • End: This is the last date to appear on the calendar. If there is a large range of dates, you may need to scroll the calendar to the right to view all dates.
  • Headline: If you only want to view the availability of a specific property, choose the property based on its headline from this drop-down list.
  • Category: If you only want to view the availability for specific types of properties, choose the property type from this drop-down list. You can customize categories to fit your company. By default, "All" is selected here.
  • Beds/Baths/Sleeps: If you want to filter this list based on the number of beds, the number of bathrooms, or the number of people that can comfortably sleep at a property, enter your requirements here, and then click Run to update the list.
  • Market Area: If you want to filter this list based on the location of the property, select the location from this drop-down list, and then click Run.
  • Tag: If you want to filter this list based on tags associated with the property, select the appropriate tag from this drop-down list, and then click Run. You can customize tags to fit the needs of your company.
  • Solution: If your company uses multiple Kigo solutions, use this drop-down list to show properties associated with a specific solution.
  • Max # of Records: Select the maximum number of records that you want to show on a single page of the Calendar from this drop-down list. If you have multiple pages of results, you can use the arrow links to move between pages.
  • Legend: The calendar can highlight bookings in several ways, which can make it easy to find specific information. You can choose between four options.
    • Status: When selected, bookings are highlighted differently based on the status of the bookings. Common statuses include:
      • Holds
      • Pending Confirmation
      • Confirmed
      • Checked In
    • Type: When selected, bookings are highlighted based on the type of booking. Common types include:
      • Block Outs
      • House Bookings
      • Online (this includes bookings made through third-party booking channels)
      • Owner
    • Payment: Use this option to view the current payment status of the bookings. Common payment statuses include:
      • None Required
      • Overdue
      • Paid in Full
      • Paid in Part
    • Booked By: Use this option to quickly view the agent associated with the booking.

Making a Booking from the Calendar

  1. Set any search criteria necessary to view the property and date that you want to create the booking for.
  2. Click Run to update the calendar based on the selected search criteria.
  3. On the property or unit, click to select the first day of the stay.
  4. Click to select the last day of the stay. The length of stay is highlighted in green. A confirmation message opens stating the name of the property/unit and the selected dates. CalendarDetail
  5. Click OK to create the booking, or click Cancel to discard your changes. After you click OK, the House Booking page opens. The Property Information section and the Stay Information section are completed, based on the property and dates selected on the Calendar.
  6. Complete the Guest Information section as normal.
  7. Complete the Billing Information section as normal.
  8. Complete the Credit Card Information section as normal.
  9. Click Save.

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